ESG Committee

On November 22, 2021, we established a board-level "Environmental, Social and Governance committee", as well as a corporate level "Environmental, Social and Governance and Data Security Committee", aiming to guide and supervise the company's performance in issues regarding environment, society and governance through the company's highest governance body the Board of Directors, so as to achieve sustainable development that benefits both the company and the society.


The board-level ESG Committee is composed of three independent non-executive directors, with Mr. Yang Chia Hung chairing the committee and Mr. Dai Xiaojing and Ms. Han Yuling being members of the committee. The responsibilities of the board-level ESG committee includes formulating the Group’s vision, objective, management direction and strategies for ESG issues, reviewing the performance of our ESG matters and the status of achieving targets, as well as reporting and making recommendations to the Board. It will also be responsible for identifying and assessing the relevant risks and opportunities of the Group in respect of ESG areas. The ESG committee will also review, evaluate, adopt and update the relevant ESG policies of the Group to ensure compliance with legal and regulatory requirements. (For details, please refer to the term of reference)


The corporate-level ESG and Data Security Committee is headed by Mr. Ma Heping, Executive Director and CEO. It is responsible for the implementation of the ESG policies and the execution of the ESG strategies.

ESG  Committee