We have included the impacts of our operations on the environment in our overall planning. We are committed to reducing adverse effects upon the environment and climate caused by our business operation. We have implemented the principles of sustainable development by vigorously advocating energy conservation, emission reduction and efficient resource utilization. In strict compliance with the Environmental Protection Law of People’s Republic of China, the Energy Conservation Law of the People’s Republic of China and other applicable laws and regulations, we have formulated the Administration of Energy Conservation, in which we have clarified the green office practices.

1)Green operation - We face lower climate-related risks in terms of policies and regulations, technologies, market and reputation since we are not engaged in any large-scale production activities and we neither consume significant energy nor produce massive emissions. Yet we proactively adopt green office management measures to promote energy conservation and emission reduction.

2)Water saving and waste reduction - We have been reducing water consumption by a series of measures, including posting water saving signs, applying water-saving equipment and adopting advanced flushing technologies. In order to reduce paper consumption, we have created a paperless office via online systems such as Office Automation and email.

3)Climate change - We continuously monitor the impact on our business operations of climate changes and evolving regulations at home and abroad. The Company’s ESG working group actively identifies climate-related risks and opportunities and formulates corresponding countermeasures. It is assessed that extreme weather such as typhoons and rainstorms will exert a potential impact on our business operations. Therefore, we have established emergency procedures and response mechanisms for extreme weather to mitigate the impact of force majeure on our business operations and ensure users’ travel safety and convenience.